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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I love my Damon braces! They are so comfortable and I love the clear Damon brackets!”

  – Julie N.

“I would like to thank Dr. Watts for his knowledgeable and friendly service. I really appreciate the “neighborhood” feeling I get from the Rangewood Orthodontics office, as it is very conveniently located in Briargate. Dr. Watts took the time to get to know my son and daughter’s that have been under his care for their braces, and this has been very important to me and to my children. Children want to feel important and communicated with when they are sitting in the chair being worked on, and everyone takes the time to be friendly, explain what they are going to do, what they can expect in the future and how their school or hobbies are going. This is important to create an atmosphere that is not feared by a young child. The follow-up communication is also essential and Dr. Watts has called me at home or called in the evening if I had a question. I appreciate everyone at Rangewood and highly recommend his services!

  – K. C.

“Dr. Watts, I would just like to thank you for our Daughter’s Beautiful Smile! We were told when Beth was younger that she had a very complicated orthodontic need and it would need extensive work and a great deal of money to get her to completion. She did have a very complicated situation but you and your staff took care of this situation with no stress and a great deal of professionalism. Beth has a beautiful smile with a corrected bite and it was done in the standard amount of time. The biggest surprise to us was that we paid a very competitive price for all of this orthodontic care. No extra fees or exorbitant costs in spite of Beth’s special needs. Your staff is all wonderful, friendly and helpful. We recommend you to anyone needing Orthodontic care. Thank You.

  – Vicky M.

“Our daughter is frightened of anything medical. Despite this, she developed a strong attachment to Dr. Watts and the staff over the year long treatment, often asking if she could stop by to say “hi” as we drove by the office. She kept close watch on the calendar, noting her appointment and reminding us.”

  – Beth S.

“Jackie’s braces have made a world of difference for her. Her teeth look beautiful and there is no comparison from how they were before Dr. Watts began working with her. Dr. Watt’s patience and expertise enabled Jackie to not only change the position and shape of her smile but she was able to accomplish it fairly quickly, only 2 years. Dr. Watts did a great job and we consider him our family orthodontist.”

  – Katie W.

Me and my Damon Braces…

“The older I got, the more crooked my teeth became. I had started to not smile in pictures and became very self conscious about my teeth. I called Rangewood Orthodontics and made an appointment that day. When I got to the office, I immediately felt intimidated by the room full of teens and pre-teens getting their braces adjusted or checked. I almost changed my mind out of sheer embarrassment, but then one of the staff members came out and smiled and talked to me, and I was immediately put at ease. The entire staff was welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They were excited to have another adult patient to work with, and reassured me that I was making the right choice and how happy I would be with the decision – and that I was not their oldest patient.

“When Dr. Watts looked at my teeth, he recommended the Damon System braces at once. He told me about how they work, the difference between them and conventional braces, and that the results would be better. All I heard was “faster results, less painful, and a little smaller” and I signed up for them immediately.

“I had my braces put on in May of ’07. My teeth have moved and straightened dramatically already, and my teeth and gums are actually healthier. My husband and friends noticed that my teeth started straightening soon after my braces were put on! I also lost 20 lbs, but that was an added bonus that is unadvertised ;-). People have actually asked me why I have braces because my teeth look straight to them. All I can say is, they weren’t a few months ago!

“The outstanding staff at Rangewood Orthodontics has made the experience very comfortable for me. I actually enjoy my appointment times and look forward them. The Damon System braces are working quickly, and painlessly, without the tightening and adjustments I have heard conventional braces require (hence why they are less painful). I recommend Rangewood Orthodontics and Damon braces to any adult looking to improve their smile. I can’t wait to see my new grin!”

  – Karen S.

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